Howqua Spring Hut represents the apotheosis of sustainable living, designed to be completely off-the-grid and set among the wild beauty of the Victorian Alps.

Rob Mills

Building on the legacy of Ocean House, Rob Mills is currently designing his next home for family and friends. Howqua Spring Hut will be a benchmark of sustainable architecture, inspired by the surrounding mountain ranges Rob knows intimately, and complemented by design by Mikala James.

By day, this residence will deliver striking views through the valley. By night, being so far from the lights of the city, a galaxy of stars will be revealed in the sky above. A true return to the elements.

Self-sufficient, off-the-grid, and with no evidence of man, this residence will offer a completely different living experience to Rob’s previous homes. A place of unique, and natural, escape.

We will be sharing updates of this exciting project as it evolves.

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Kingsley Howqua
View From Valley Near
Howqua Kitchen
Master Bedroom