The architecture for Kurneh Place updates the classic London mews style for its context of contemporary South Yarra.

Rob Mills

At Kurneh Place, RMA was presented with the opportunity to create a collection of modern apartments which takes cues from both traditional English mews residences and the traditional green oasis of the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens.

Set back from the main streets of South Yarra, Kurneh Places embraces privacy and security – a cobblestoned garden retreat with sculptural forms surrounded by greenery and neighbourhood views. The scale of these apartments matches the scale of this residential pocket.

The form and textures found within the interiors are one with the exterior architecture, creating a singular experience and a natural flow which is a hallmark of RMA. With curved walls, healthy materials, considered acoustics, skylights which reach to the sky and a constant connection to nature, the design of these residences is about living well.

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