Thirty Anderson presents three different perspectives of the Royal Botanic Gardens from three whole-floor apartments that celebrate light, space and sculptural design.

Rob Mills

Thirty Anderson, part of The Botanic Collection, responds to its tightly held location opposite the Botanic Gardens with calming design, expansive living spaces inside and out, and a confident, sophisticated architecture which encapsulates the coveted location of South Yarra.

RMA’s penthouse design is unique, capturing the space and light that is there to be harnessed above, for space and height are two of the qualities that combine for a truly luxurious experience. This result is living room with roof windows 4.5m high, natural light in abundance, views of the sky and passing clouds. Meanwhile, the rooftop terrace with a pool, outdoor dining and living, sun lounges and cooking facilities delivers nothing less than a private resort.

The mid-level apartment is unique with the clever design of roof windows bringing light and space to the apartment that are positioned between the apartments below and above. Glazed walls with garden views adds to the superior living experience.

Graceful curves, abundant light, high ceilings and crafted textures also feature in the ground floor apartments. Each apartment offers a different experience of nature, with the ground floor opening onto its own garden, and the mid-level apartment looking through the treetops to the Botanic Gardens.

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