Live well by the water.

RMA has a distinguished record of exceptional residences for some of Australia’s most iconic coastal settings.

Whether as a principal residence or a holiday home, we create places where our clients can reconnect with nature, be restored, and experience timeless beachfront luxury surrounded by the natural environment.

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For clients who have not yet secured land by the coast, we procure this land on their behalf through our understanding of the land and our exclusive real estate networks.

Our coastal residences are often positioned within or close to conservation precincts and national parks. We are renowned for working constructively with local councils to craft residences that respect and protect the unique qualities of the landscape.

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“I believe what sets great coastal residences apart is minimal interference from the artificial environment. The experience should be just you, the sky, and the sound of the ocean through the trees."

Rob Mills

RMA coastal homes that balance respect for nature with a place of luxury escape. Whether considering strong ocean winds or strong summer heat, we create each home as a haven of natural sanctuary.

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RMA coastal architects create homes of escape, sanctuary and joy. Many residences we craft for these settings are designed for multiple generations to enjoy time by the beach in each other’s company and absolute comfort.

Our interior design for residences by the coast draws upon neutral tones and natural textures of the world outside, reflecting a universal desire to feel at one with nature.

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