It is no longer possible to wait for great quality land to come to you. At RMA we go out and find it.

Country Land.

Great land is precious. It is at the heart of all good living. Great land is rare and needs to be unearthed.

At RMA we know the essence of every great build is derived from the quality of the land whether it is a rural, coastal or urban property. That is why we are unique as a practice - we place an emphasis on helping our clients find the best land their circumstances allow.


There is an instinctive response from RMA to the rural landscape. From raw, untamed landscapes to the mannered estates with their cultivated tree-lined drives, the practice draws on the serenity of rural land to design properties with a deep connection to place.

We combine this intuitive understanding of the romance of land with the practicality of finding it through our extensive network. We work with its form, its climate and aspect and design the building as part of its natural setting, maximising views, light and breezes, to create living spaces that excel and endure.