Prahran boasts a unique fusion of fine modern living and rich authentic heritage. As the place where we work every day, we know it well.

It’s no wonder this is such a coveted place to live. Prahran is home to a cosmopolitan lifestyle, from Greville Street's vibrant shopping and dining scene and surrounds to the iconic Prahran Market for the city’s best gourmet produce.

Beyond shopping, dining, cafe culture, and superb wine bars lie Praphran’s tree-lined avenues, adorned with elegant Victorian terrace houses, modern apartments and contemporary residences. This coveted streetscape is the natural home of Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors. Our Melbourne studio is here. We know the suburb intimately – its people and its unique appeal.

Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors is renowned for crafting bespoke residences that epitomise luxury living while seamlessly integrating with the character of Melbourne's finest suburbs, such as Prahran.

RMA is an integrated studio with interior designers and architects working collaboratively. That’s how we craft homes with a natural sense of flow from the outside in, and always connected to the surrounding location.

Visit Rob and his team in our Prahran studio to discuss your next home. RMA residences are known for intelligent architecture, sustainable design and a deep connection with the surrounding environment. When the environment is Prahran, we are right at home.

Let’s begin the conversation. Contact us today to arrange an appointment, and join us in Prahran.

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