Rob has creative ideas, and also also a great listener. The brief we gave him was specific and tight but we soon learned that good architecture doesn't demand complete freedom and an endless budget. From the very first drafting of his ideas on a piece of butcher's paper it was apparent that Rob has the gift of being able to create beauty of form from simple, and pure lines. It was minimalistic, which is what we wanted, but he and his team were able to make it practical without sacrificing the architectural purity.

We have lived in the home for 20 years and have loved every day. The home has preserved its architec-tural beauty and has not dated. Time has proven that good architecture does not need to sacrifice to liveability, and that is something that Rob and his team understands well. There is nothing that we would change in the home and this is a further testament to RMA's great architecture.


I wanted you to know how much I love our home, and it is important that you know your hard work is appreciated every day. You listened to what I wanted and helped bring my vision to life, you designed a space, that you knew would became a home, and I love it.
So once again, congratulations on all that you have achieved for yourself and staff and created for others.
My father lived by the mantra "Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design".


"In searching for Melbourne’s most accomplished architectural and interiors practice to collaborate with us on our significant heritage home renovation, we were lucky to be recommended the team at RMA. We commend the team for enhancing what was already a beautiful building, both internally and externally - and for producing an exceptional outcome of functionality and form. My wife and I enjoyed working with the team at RMA and if your goal is a result without compromise, then we would recommend using RMA without hesitation."


"Rob Mills Architect Supremo

We have used Rob Mills a number of times and found him extremely easy to deal with. He listens and responds His design skills are superb. He ensures that the final product meets our needs now and into the future. His use of space and proportions is incredible and the feel of the finished product brings great pleasure.

We enjoyed the experience so much that we have used him on 2 large projects and are hoping to find another block to be able to use Rob to design the 3rd house for us, this time it will be the last one.

Every time we come home and move through our house we feel good about the design and proportions and really enjoy LIVING in the building created by Rob, the architectural genius"


The attention to the finest detail was maintained throughout by the team at RMA and walking through the house today years after its completion it is that detail that continues to give so much enjoyment and pleasure day after day.

I look forward to my next project with Rob and RMA which will be a new build project on the Mornington Peninsula.


As I write these words, I am sitting at my kitchen bench, I could not be anywhere more wonderful.

My home has won several awards, which are the result of Rob Mills belief and desire to design the very best. I believe in Rob Mills as an extraordinary architect and a wonderful human being. If I was a person looking for a world renowned architect to build a dream structure, Rob Mills would be my choice every time.

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