Our design for this house in Byron Bay would not be possible elsewhere. It is uniquely influenced by the land upon which it will be built.

Rob Mills

Embracing the wonderful temperate climate, when the glazed façade is opened in warmer months, there are no barriers between interiors and landscape. In winter, the house cocoons. By contrast, the garden pavilion by the pool is always open to sea breezes.

There are two pavilions flanking the central pavilion, designed for the second and third generation with living rooms and wellness centres. There is a purity to the central pavilion’s geometry. Its grandeur and theatre sweeps you within, then offers an intimacy at a human scale. The grand scale then returns as the building opens out to embrace the landscape beyond.

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While space denotes luxury not all spaces are created equal and quality of space is defined by how it makes you feel and how it functions, as much as by its square metres.