‘Working on this site in Sydney’s Vaucluse is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the city’s iconic harbour views and design an absolutely bespoke home working with the best traditional craftspeople’.

Rob Mills

From the grand wrought iron gates, with corresponding stone arch, delineating public and private space, this is to be an impressive, statement residence.

"The site is quite complex with a wide frontage to the street, tapering to the shore and so the design has to navigate the terrain while finding view lines that make the most of this tremendous position", says Rob Mills.

Working with a rich tapestry of materials including stone, terracotta tiles, render, glass and wrought iron, the house has both a gravitas and solidity combined with moments that are transparent and light. Three large-scale glazed, double French doors form the entrance and the theatrical formal dining room is something of a centerpiece, sitting at the core of the house. ‘We have used steel framed doors internally so that there is visibility from different areas of the house and an oval shaped stair with a dramatic cupola to open up the horizontal plane to light and slices of view.

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Rma Vaucluse Residence Sketch
Vaucluse Carrara Front Sketch