Two eras linked by a single spirit have resulted in a true family home that’s built to last, the very definition of sustainability and quality living.

Rob Mills

The client’s brief for Carrical was for the extensive revitalisation of their 1930s house, to create a functional, livable family home that featured all the luxuries of contemporary living and allowed interiors, architecture and landscape to work together as one.

The rooms in the original house, on a smaller scale and proportion than contemporary living, have been reused in a mélange of formal entrance and intimate living areas, with obsolete spaces opened up to provide access to the garden. Connected to the original house by a breezeway is a new living pavilion, built in the style of the original and featuring the same materials, but on a grander scale to allow for the bolder, more luxurious spaces that suit contemporary lifestyle while maintaining a link with the original design. Old and new sit side by side but their language and style are as one – an innovative, holistic approach that pervades the house from big picture to smallest detail. Superior quality and bespoke workmanship are present in every hand-crafted execution, every material and every finish. Craft and consideration, livability and luxury, old and new – these are interwoven into the style and substance of this house, which alongside mindful design, has resulted in a space filled with the luxuries of contemporary living while never losing sight of the integrity and charm of its 1930s origins.

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The American Architecture Prize 2017

  • Winner, Firm of the Year

World Interior News Awards, 2016

  • Winner

Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards, 2016

  • Finalist