For me this apartment project represents a shift in community attitudes, as people acknowledged that higher density living, in traditional suburbs, didn't have to be negative, if well executed. We worked hard with scale, landscaping and form to respect the community and find a fit.

Rob Mills

Church Street in Melbourne’s Brighton is one of the city’s best-rounded, thriving shopping streets with cafes and public transport links, and so to introduce a scheme of 40 predominantly two bedroom apartments, of generous scale, was a draw card for potential buyers. "The people who chose to live in the Church Street invariably sold their family home with garden and decided to live in an apartment with all the qualities embodied in a contemporary architect and interiors designed space", says Mills.

Sited next to one of the suburb’s oldest Edwardian houses, complete with turret, the Church Street apartments are recessed from the street in layers of landscaping and contribute architecturally to the nature of the streetscape.

“The greatest demand was for two-bedroom apartments which we took right to penthouse level – giving a greater number of people access to views’, says Mills.

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