We were aware with these studios that we were both creating a brand and challenging what was accepted in the world of yoga and Pilates. We were determined to set a new aesthetic benchmark with both spaces.

Rob Mills

While there was little to recommend the original brick 1960s building with its rusty roller door, RMA saw the potential. “I wanted to connect with the yoga community in terms of a purpose-built space that was generous, tactile and delivered a sense of care and quality,” says Mills.

Recognising that customers would take cues from everything they see, touch and smell, RMA knew that the interior architecture had to do its job quickly to convey integrity and connect to the ethos. The palette of natural materials, grey tones, polished concrete floors and white-painted brick walls imparts a sense of simplicity and calm.

The furnishings are domestic with good art, designer lighting, floor rugs and a solid oak communal table rather than a desk.

Experience One Hot Yoga

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World Interior News Awards, 2014

  • Shortlisted, Leisure or Entertainment Venue Award

Belle Coco Republic Awards, 2014

  • Finalist,

IDEA Awards, 2014

  • Shortlisted,