"Land is the foundation of each RMA Design, the superyacht shape is influenced by the fall of the land"

Rob Mills

At RMA, we not only design to meet the needs of our clients. Our approach ensures we also meet the needs of each site’s natural landscape, built environment and local community.

St Georges Road residence was enthusiastically approved with unanimous support by Stonnington Council.

It was welcomed by councillors who noted it was “easy to approve” and “beautifully designed”; that it “fits with the Yarra River environment” and “ticks all the right boxes.”

At RMA, our process shares the same quality of integrity as our buildings. We appreciate the constraints and opportunities of each site, we respect the concerns of councils and residents, and we collaborate with leading consultants to achieve the best possible outcome.

With a proven process in place, we deliver landmark residences of benchmark quality – and always adhere to an established time, cost and budget.

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St Georges Render