The exploration of ideas for Victoria Street is a wonderful example of the quintessential RMA residence – as the practice was both client and architect, interior designer and landscaper, we could express a pure, undiluted vision.

Rob Mills

This was a design exercise to show a developer what could be done with the land and, as such, was engineered to excite the highest level of interest and showcase what was possible.

The use of a glazed box at the base creates a sense of transparency and a clear understanding of how the site utilises the connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. The rectilinear form of the exterior is balanced by the flourish of a spiral staircase, under which sits the formal dining table.

“We wanted to communicate a sense of contemporary grandeur,” says Mills.

By engaging the best CGI companies, RMA has delivered images that are photographic in their realisation, while its in-house interior design team has ensured that furniture and lighting choices have been curated to reflect the latest in interior specification.

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