We live in a world where noise pollution is the persistent backdrop to daily life and creating a home that is a contained oasis in terms of visuals and audio becomes a 21st century luxury.

The Principles of Sound.

The way in which a building is constructed defines its ability to insulate from unwanted noise. Slabs of concrete, windows that are double-glazed, strategically placed masonry walls and quality insulation all contribute to the creation of an interior world that owns its rhythm.

2 Point Concrete Crop To Fit

Silence is a true pleasure: it imparts a sense of calm and peace and allows the sounds of nature to dominate those made by man.

1St Point Silence Is A True Pleasure

Whether the setting is coastal, urban or rural a building can change your acoustic experience. Shelter is balanced with sounds of nature, such as the crashing of waves at Ocean House, or suburban noise is eliminated as in Armadale, Melbourne where the nighttime sounds are of the wind in the treetops.

3 Point Ocean Housent