• South Yarra House

    Set on the border of suburbia but with all the joys of inner-city living, South Yarra House celebrates the best of both worlds.

    Rob Mills Architects accompanied the clients every step of the way, from searching for great land, building and interior design. Rob describes South Yarra House as having a ‘fantastic balance of suburban-style space and light with all the advantages of living in the center of town.’

    South Yarra Residence is a celebration of classic contemporary design. The design creates an understated first impression and a resonant natural materiality, achieved through the use of stone, timber and woven art.

    Throughout the interior, quality raw materials in a soft, natural palette and pale, polished plaster are contrasted by light-capturing metallic pieces. Moments of glamour created by soft wall lights throw a warm glow across the walls in the evening, reflecting in the bowls and gold framed artwork.

    Victoria Street

    This landmark residence at 24 Victoria Street Brighton is inspired by the beach lifestyle that surrounds this great land. A bespoke Rob Mills home, 24 Victoria Street has been designed to capture contemporary living in one of the great cities of the world.

    Brighton Residence

    The clients for the Brighton Residence had great land, which provided the foundation to create something exceptional. An underlying principle of the design is to capture as much space as possible and to provide the opportunity for the owners to live both internally and externally.

    Grattan St

    The power of a great office is surprising. At Grattan Street, we recycled an industrial space to create a modern workplace that inspires us and our clients to create outstanding buildings.

    Capturing natural light from the sun’s first rays, this unique office makes clever use of space, materials and artwork to create an environment that disregards convention and breeds ingenuity in every RMA architect and interior designer.

    Contemporary Portfolio

    One Hot Yoga Melbourne

    Clean lines, recycled materials and textured fabrics create an environment that resonates with the yoga principles of calmness and contemplation. The glass-fronted foyer offers a gathering place between classes, where visitors can replenish water bottles from the stone fountain or catch up with fellow yogis.

    Here, polished concrete floors, wide timber benches and a monochromatic colour scheme dressed with Australian artwork create a luxurious setting. Moving down the hall, change rooms tucked behind heavy drapes provide a spa experience in the form of deluxe showers, organic soaps and an Ayurvedic body- and hair-care range created especially for the studio.


    Yarra River Estate

    A unique balance between city and country living, this modern interpretation of the classic homesteads of Australia is just 20 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD yet set in acres of land with horse trails leading from the property.

    A perfect example of treating landscape, architecture and interiors as one, the house is constructed of recycled timber, with walls of glass on its northern face framing pastoral views.

    Ocean House

    The modern Rob Mills aesthetic in its purest essence, Ocean House is a study in harmony. Raw concrete and polished timber blend seamlessly with the forest to create a calming retreat.

    Visual beauty is matched by thoughtful interior design that allow friends to gather by the beach, while floor to ceiling glass and nautically-inspired terraces offer views across Loutit Bay to Lorne. Check out our luxury accommodation on The Great Ocean Road – Ocean House.

    Stonnington Pl

    For one of our earliest commissions we introduced a number of innovative design ideas that were new to the residential market. The outcome became an excellent role model for forward-thinking sustainable design that is as sophisticated now as when completed in the late 1990s.

    Stonnington Place achieved a perfect balance between brief and budget, resulting in a contemporary home of which we remain proud to this day.

    Ross St

    Ross Street is the ultimate in contemporary inner-city living: a luxury home and style accessory in one. It’s a place where the ambitious can thrive, whether playing sharp-suited host or dressed down to unwind.

    The custom spiral staircase, chrome clad columns and frameless windows turn this glass, zinc and concrete building into an artwork that transcends its suburban environment and radiates success.